The Kit

This is the Privacy Kit. Fifty two things you can do to improve your privacy. None of these things should take more than twenty minutes or half an hour to do, and some of them will take considerably less time than that. You don’t have to do all of these things, or most of them, or even any of them. You can do all of them and find links to even more ways to improve your privacy. You can read through these and decide to do none of them. Even then you’ll hopefully have a better idea of who is interested in acquiring your personal information and why.

January 2017

1. Get yourself a shredder in the January sales.
2. Turn on automatic updates everywhere.
3. Your phone number. Don’t tell everyone.
4. Use Firefox.
5. Add some addons.

February 2017

6. What does Google know about you?
7. Learn a thing or two about Facebook.
8. Be careful what you click on.
9. Turn on two-factor authentication.

March 2017

10. Use a throwaway email service.
11. Sign up for an encrypted email service.
12. Potent passwords.
13. Watch The Lives Of Others.

April 2017

14. Use an encrypted messaging service.
15. More two factor authentication.
16. Have I Been Pwned?
17. Use a password manager.

May 2017

18. Lock your devices.
19. Don’t use public WiFi if you can avoid it.
20. Use a VPN.
21. Don’t email scans of official documents.
22. Shops. Don’t give them your email address.

June 2017

23. Who’s sharing your email address?
24. Don’t sign in to anything important on anyone else’s device.
25. Extra addons.
26. You’re halfway through.

July 2017

27. Encrypt your phone.
28. Check your fitness and health devices and apps.
29. Encrypt your hard drive.
30. Read the privacy policies. Ask some questions.
31. The Internet Of Things That Really Shouldn’t Be Connected To The Internet.

August 2017

32. Your devices belong to you.
33.  Cameras and microphones.
34. Give ’em fake information.
35. View yourself as someone else.

September 2017

36. Use more than one provider.
37. Only link services together with good reason.
38. Switch your search engine.

October 2017


November 2017


December 2017